Nathan Fishing

Host Background

Nathan is a dyed-in-wool South Islander with a penchant for the outdoors and old-fashioned hospitality. There’s no better person to have in your corner when visiting Te Anau – especially if you plan on arranging outdoor activities like fishing, climbing and tramping.  
Nathan is a carpenter by trade. In fact, he even designed and built the very house that his guests stay in. With a background in the architectural and residential building sector, he has a strong grasp of what it is that makes a property attractive to holidaymakers, and he has put that knowledge to excellent use in choosing the location for and building his house. 

This combined with his love of outdoor sports and his experience in hosting travellers through other tourism operations makes him a natural host. After many years working close to the tourism sector – leading hunting expeditions in Scotland and serving as a fly-fishing guide – he decided was ready to launch his own hospitality operation. This is how the Fiordland Bed and Breakfast was born, and it has proven to be an enormous success with visitors to the region. 


As mentioned above, Nathan is an accomplished carpenter with a love for the outdoors. With that in mind, many of his interests and hobbies involve living close to nature and building infrastructure that enhances one’s enjoyment of New Zealand’s South Island. 

He’s certainly a jack of all trades. Having grown up on a farm on the west coast , he has been involved in agriculture since his early days. As a result, he knows a great deal about raising sheep, cattle & sheering sheep. He’s also fond of hunting and butchering his own meats for the table. 

Nathan enjoys fly fishing around the South Island, and is more than happy to show guests to the places in the area where they can cast a line. He also loves deep-sea fishing and has spent a fair amount of time fishing for black marlin in the waters off of the Great Barrier Reef and chasing giant bluefin Tuna off the rugged south islands west coast .

Finally, Nathan enjoys all manner of outdoor activities: climbing, tramping, hunting, rugby and more. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more knowledgeable guide for exploring the outdoors around Te Anau. 

Deer in Fiordland

House backyard

Nathan’s Reasons for Setting up a B&B

Operating a cosy B&B has been a goal of Nathan’s for some time. It seemed a natural fit, given his background in hosting tour groups and his love affair with the South Island’s countryside. 

Nathan’s love for hunting, fishing and butchering his own meats means that his guests enjoy one of the finest, homemade cooked breakfasts on the South Island. Free-range eggs, homemade sausage and a spread of side dishes including muesli, toast, Manuka honey, locally made jams and NZ dairy products ensure that guests have plenty to rave about after spending time at Fiordland Bed and Breakfast. 

Needless to say, he has looked forward to this opportunity for some time now. Opening this cosy bed and breakfast allows him to entertain travellers on a regular basis in a setting that he couldn’t be more delighted to operate in.